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About the film

Small is Beautiful – a tiny house documentary, is a revealing look into the tiny house movement, a grass roots response to the housing affordability crisis that traps people from across the developed world.

In Portland, Oregon, we meet four characters, each of whom are at various stages of building and living in their own tiny homes. Ben is a 20 something single guy with an inheritance to spend and a design he drew, but an ambitious timeline and no building experience. Nikki and Mitchell are a young couple who, along with their two dogs, dream of bucking the strereotypical life style of buying a big house and spending the rest of their lives trying to pay it off. Karen, 50, has loved living in her tiny house for two years yet still struggles with the lack of permanency that comes with living in a house on wheels.

Ultimately this story proves that it’s not what’s inside the walls of a tiny house that counts, but rather it is the strong community of like minded people who support each other as they dare to be different.

The feature length documentary runs for 68 minutes and is directed by Jeremy Beasley.  The film will be released worldwide on April 30, 2015 via this website.


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20 April 2015 6:30pm Albury Regent Cinemas BUY TICKETS
20 April 2015 6:30pm Sydney Dendy Newtown BUY TICKETS
22 April 2015 7pm Brisbane Palace Centro BUY TICKETS
27 April 2015 7pm Adelaide Wallis Cinemas Piccadilly BUY TICKETS
27 April 2015 7pm Geelong Village Cinemas BUY TICKETS
29 April 2015 6:30pm Canberra Dendy Canberra Centre BUY TICKETS
4 May 2015 6:45pm Perth Luna Leederville BUY TICKETS
5 May 2015 7:30pm Seattle Western Washington Tiny House Enthusiasts BUY TICKETS
7 May 2015 7pm Portland, OR Laurelhurst BUY TICKETS
26 May 2015 6:30pm Boise, ID The Flicks BUY TICKETS
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